The London Investor Show, London Forex Show, London CryptoCurrency Show and the Manchester Investor Show are organised by Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd

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  • London CryptoCurrency Show

    April 14th 2018

    Recent massive demand for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has pushed prices very high over a very short space of time. This might be what’s known as a financial bubble, and prices might correct after the gold rush is over, but we believe the underlying developments of blockchain technology (the platforms which allow cryptocurrency to operate) are here to stay.

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  • The London Investor Show

    October 19th 2018

    The London Investor Show has been running each year, since 2010, with the aim of providing a forum for private investors to meet, share ideas, learn new skills and keep up-to- date with the latest market developments. Nearly 12,000 investors have attended a London Investor Show since inception, and we hope we can welcome you to the next event.

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  • Manchester Investor Show

    November 9th 2018

    The Manchester Investor Show centres around a core programme of independent training workshops, free seminars and panel sessions, as well as providing you with the chance to meet like-minded traders and investors, swap ideas and experiences, and spend time browsing the exhibition. A packed schedule of events and activities runs throughout the day.

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  • London FOREX Show

    February 23rd 2018

    The London FOREX Show is an exciting one-day event and exhibition for retail fx traders. Providing access to independent training via the five independent fx workshops, a range of free seminars, the live Lunchtime Summit and an exhibition of product and fx service providers, the London FOREX Show is a "must-attend" event for all active fx traders in the UK.

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