FX Workshops 2017

You can choose to attend one or more independent FX Workshops taking place during the day at the London FOREX Show. Delegates usually choose an average of two workshops to attend during the day, picking the topics most relevant to them. If you would like to speak to someone about which workshop(s) would be most suitable for you, please don´t hesitate to call us on 0131 228 0825 where we will be happy to assist. FX Workshops last for one hour, with the exception of the "Trade-Off" which has a duration of 90 minutes.  

Workshops are designed with you in mind – offering solid, practical training that you can immediately apply to your own trading for results . The FX Workshops cost £25 each (inc VAT).  Please note that seats where the Workshops take place, are limited and places will be allocated in order of booking.

10.00 am – 11.00 am


tom nashYour Tutor:  Tom Nash, MarketsFlow


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11.10 am – 12.10 pm

HOW TO TRADE: Markets, Indices, Forex

alpesh patel 150x150Your Tutor: Alpesh Patel

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12.15 pm – 1.15 pm

FX LUNCHTIME SUMMIT - How do traders prepare for a momentous trading year in 2017? With Brexit, a new President in the White House and political uncertainty sending ripples around the world - how can active traders best prepare, and best profit from these events?

Alpesh Patel
Kym Watson

Ed Matts

Tom Tragett

Chaired by: Alpesh Patel
Panel: Kym Watson, Ezeetrader; Ed Matts, MatrixTrade; Tom Tragett


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1.20 pm – 2.50 pm

charlie burton 150viet dangkym watson 150





90 MINUTES OF LIVE TRADING! The 2017 "Trade-Off",  with Charlie Burton and Viet Dang

Charlie Burton versus an automated trading system
Compered by Kym Watson, EzeeTrader

Our annual live trading competition continues at the 2017 London Forex Show with man versus machine. Charlie Burton of EzeeTrader has won the live trade-off at the London Forex Show for the past 3 years running.

This year may well present his sternest challenge yet. Viet Dang, who trades for a fund based in Germany, has challenged Charlie to a duel against his automated system. Viet's system has the potential to be in up to 12 positions at once, far more than Charlie can be, so does this spell doom for the manual trader? Can Charlie win again or does the system show him who's boss? Or will Charlie show that manual trading is in fact still worthwhile for the majority of people due to limitations of automated systems?

Book your seats to what is going to be a fantastic demonstration of trading live in front of you. Both traders will be discussing the trades as they are taken and talking about the pros and cons of each style of trading.


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2.55 pm – 3.55 pm


Tutor:  Sandy Jadeja

In today’s economy if you do not have multiple streams of income and wealth protectionthen you could be at risk with the potential threat of another upcoming Financial Crisis. With Property prices at record levels and interest rates at historical lows which may not sustainable, there are clear signs if you know where to look of cracks in the economy which are starting to cause concern. In this Brand New feature packed training session exclusively for The Forex Show, learn about 5 different methods that have worked very well to collect regular profits from the financial markets as shown on CNBC and Business Insider.

Ranked in the Top 50 most influential traders and regarded by The Business Insider as The Man Who called 5 Crashes, this presentation will provide you with information unlike anything else you have seen. This workshop will show you step-by- step an easy-to understand and easy-to- use strategies for trading successfully in today’s markets. Created for both new and experienced traders.

You will see with crystal clear proof on how you can collect Monthly and Daily profits to help you improve your cash flow immediately.

In this 1-hour session You will learn how to:

  • Profit from trading on Exact dates each and every month to collect a regular £1,000 - £8,000 potential profits by following 2 simple steps with proven results as shown live on TV.
  • Learn How to profit from Gold and Oil with strategies that are working for today’s markets
  • See how you can Find regular profitable opportunities in FOREX that can offer incredible returns on a regular basis with very low start-up capital.
  • Includes access to a further FREE one-day seminar after attending this presentation

Shown live on TV before major market moves had occurred, Sandy Jadeja had given Exact dates in advance of key reversals for GBP/USD, Gold and Oil. This complimentary workshop] will show you how he was able to do this and how you can profit from the next big moves in 2017 before they happen.

Filled with valuable insights, precise rules and formulas, from one of UK's most respected technical analysts with 31 years of experience, this educational program is designed to help you to simplify your trading. By providing a step by- step explanation of how to identify market reversals and spot profitable moves ahead of time, Sandy Jadeja, Chief Market Strategist will train you with proven professional strategies that could help you increase your profitability factor and boost your personal confidence.

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4.00 pm – 5.00 pm


Your Tutor: Kerim Derhalli, investr

alpesh patel 150x150Alpesh has more than 220m viewers on his BBC paper review.  He has written 18 books translated into 8 languages. 1 asset management company founded. 200 investment columns in the Financial Times. 200 programmes for Bloomberg TV as co-presenter. Number 1 ‘stock picker’ by Financial Times for predicting the FTSE 100 most accurately over a 12 month period. 1 investment software, Alpesh Patel Special Edition of Sharescope, which outperformed all UK company fund managers over the past decade – and Warren Buffet. 250 newsletters a year on the markets via www.investingbetter.com 50 videos on trading on www.alpeshpatel.com You can see Alpesh giving the KeyNote Speech and Opening Remarks in the Main Auditorium at 11.45 am.  Book your seat (complimentary).


charlie burton 150Charlie Burton and Kym Watson have been running EzeeTrader since 2002 after retiring from their careers in financial services and fund management. They are active traders in their online trading chat room plus they write a monthly newsletter and teach specific day and swing trading strategies. They also develop automated trading systems for institutional clients aside from their retail trading business. Their focus is always on developing quality trading strategies that deliver and they have many customers who are successfully trading in their own right.


ed mattsAfter reading economics at The University of Oxford, and a successful career as a Citibank trader, Ed Matts was a pioneer in technical analysis providing highly actionable advice to traders at major financial institutions for over 20 years. He consistently makes the right call on FX, indices, gold and oil, as his 30,000 loyal followers on Twitter and Stocktwits know. Ed is, in many ways, a practical market historian. His speciality is fractals, determining the future from previous price/action, and finding what 'FITS' (Fundamentals, Intermarket Relationships, Technicals and Sentiment) the best with current market. These produce a well rounded, accessible and highly effective new approach to macro trading, and generate clear short and long-term signals. With a consistent monthly average return of 22% since the June launch, Ed will explain how he and his new venture, www.matrixtrade.com, discover some of the best trades and will give you some firm signals to take away.

tom tragettTom Tragett has over 30 years of forex trading experience. He has worked for distinguished international organisations like the First National Bank of Maryland, Berliner A.G, The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan and RZB Austria, as both trader and manager. In 2004, Tom walked away from life in the City and is now an independent forex trader. He is also the editor of the popular newsletter, Currency Wars, where he helps private retail traders navigate the forex markets.