Speakers 2017

Your Speakers at the London FOREX Show

We are delighted to welcome the following speakers to the London FOREX Show 2017. Please click on a speaker for more information and to find out when they are speaking.

Alpesh Patel

Charlie Burton

Kym Watson

Mike Read

Sandy Jadeja

Tom Nash

Viet Dang

Michael Hewson

Darren Winters

Tom Tragett

Zdenek Zanka

Jonathan Raven

Rishi Patel

Alex Spiroglou

Ed Matts
Naeem Aslam

Ben Richter
George Hallmey
Zaheer Anwari
Kerim Derhalli



alpesh patel 150x150Alpesh has more than 220m viewers on his BBC paper review.  He has written 18 books translated into 8 languages. 1 asset management company founded. 200 investment columns in the Financial Times. 200 programmes for Bloomberg TV as co-presenter. Number 1 ‘stock picker’ by Financial Times for predicting the FTSE 100 most accurately over a 12 month period. 1 investment software, Alpesh Patel Special Edition of Sharescope, which outperformed all UK company fund managers over the past decade – and Warren Buffet. 250 newsletters a year on the markets via www.investingbetter.com 50 videos on trading on www.alpeshpatel.com You can see Alpesh giving the KeyNote Speech and Opening Remarks in the Main Auditorium at 11.45 am.  Book your seat (complimentary).


charlie burton 150Charlie Burton and Kym Watson have been running EzeeTrader since 2002 after retiring from their careers in financial services and fund management. They are active traders in their online trading chat room plus they write a monthly newsletter and teach specific day and swing trading strategies. They also develop automated trading systems for institutional clients aside from their retail trading business. Their focus is always on developing quality trading strategies that deliver and they have many customers who are successfully trading in their own right.


charlie burton 150Charlie Burton and Kym Watson have been running EzeeTrader since 2002 after retiring from their careers in financial services and fund management. They are active traders in their online trading chat room plus they write a monthly newsletter and teach specific day and swing trading strategies. They also develop automated trading systems for institutional clients aside from their retail trading business. Their focus is always on developing quality trading strategies that deliver and they have many customers who are successfully trading in their own right.


mike read 150Mike has spent his entire career in Financial Technology (FinTech) and Financial Services. Originally starting his career as a Corporate Financier specialising in M&A activity in the financial services sector. Mike has turned his hobby - designing trading platforms - into his core specialisation, heading up the product team at Pelican. Having originally set up Pelican five years ago to provide trading software to some of the largest trading platforms globally, Michael is now pouring his core learnings into his own proprietary product. Mike is a registered member of the FCA and is an authorised Fund Manager.

sandyjadeja 150x150

Sandy Jadeja has been involved with the financial markets for over 31 years. He was voted in the Top 50 most influential traders during 2011 as well as having received several awards from 2003 – 2015 for Best Education. Having featured regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and Reuters Mr. Jadeja has provided key turning points for both the Financial Markets as well as the property cycles.

He had been elected several times to provide his unique insights and keynote speeches for International Finance Ministers, Government agencies and Royal Family members where he forecasted major reversals in the financial markets as well as the property sector. Recently Mr. Jadeja had warned one month in advance on TV of the “exact dates” for financial turmoil which led to critical market declines.

Currently Mr. Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies.com an international educational company that caters for beginners as well as professional traders and investors by providing specialist education not found elsewhere. He is also a regular financial analyst for major media providers.


Telephone: +44 (0) 208 809 2427
Mobile: +44 (0) 7961 100 303
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

web: www.mastertradingstrategies.com

tom nashTom is the principal developer of MarketFlow and its modules, MarketsFolio, MarketsCycle and MarketsAlgorithms. With 20 years experience in financial products, Investment Banking experience at JP Morgan and founding and selling data retail business. Tom also currently actively manages his Investment Portfolio Fund.

With MBA from Glasgow University, Tom focused on Data and ERP Systems. For his research dissertation he was resident at Compaq and SAP to analyse datasets around management of Compaq's resources. He was highly impressed with the way Compaq were using data to improve financial marginability and minimise waste in human resource utilisation.

It was this earlier understanding of data mining and extrapolation, which later became the focus throughout Tom's professional career of dissecting datasets to visualise behavioural patterns, create efficiencies and minimise waste.

After selling the business in 2014, Tom started actively managing his Investment Portfolio. After having mixed results, Tom started developing quant systems to better understand the market price action, and develop strategic high performance strategies. By using MarketFlow application, Tom was able to achieve 30% growth. He not only uses MarketsFlow to actively manage his positions, but also uses the Portfolio Tracking application to consistently perform peer reviews and pick only the strongest performing securities. Tom also uses MarketsFlow to successfully develop options strategies to generate growth income as well as capital appreciation.

Tom enjoys the outdoors, trekking, playing squash and tennis.

viet dangViet created his own algorithms that uses systematic decision making to achieve the highest possible consistency. It is also his way of overcoming the psychological demand of trading. He focuses on 2 particular market behaviours and applies statistics to calibrate his algorithms for the ever-changing forex market. Viet began trading in  early 2014 with no prior knowledge of the financial market and now he is trading his own money as well as private money from a wealthy family office. He has several trading systems ranging from longer time frame swing trade to short term intraday.

michael hewsonMichael holds over 25 years' experience trading the financial markets, specialising in technical analysis.

Respected for his candid and direct market commentary, Michael is a well-known face on both financial and mainstream TV; appearing regularly on BBC News, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business and several other outlets in the UK, North America and the Middle East.

His primary focus is on providing technical and fundamental analysis on the daily movements in financial markets, as well as research articles focused on topical financial and economic issues. Michael also participates in regular trading webinars for clients, and delivers seminars across the country, catering for varying levels of experience.

With his background in FX trading, Michael spent six years trading currencies, with a particular emphasis on charting and technical analysis. Before joining CMC Markets, he spent over 12 years delivering technical analysis education and support to experienced traders, private investors, corporate and retail clients, for a market data company.

darren winters 150Darren Winters is the number one attended investment speaker in the UK having personally trained over 300,000 people.  He is the founder of Win Investing LLP and The Wealth Training Company LLP, which has been successfully training investors since year 2000. Darren is also a full time trader, international investment speaker, and investment writer. He has been investing for over 20 years, having traded in both the UK and the USA   He is now the number 1 UK based investment speaker, having taught thousands of  Investment ‘Master Classes’ and Seminars. His two day ‘Path to financial Freedom’ seminars are the most popular of their kind in Britain and have generated vast numbers success stories and consistent praise from attendees and the investment industry.

tom tragettTom Tragett has over 30 years of forex trading experience. He has worked for distinguished international organisations like the First National Bank of Maryland, Berliner A.G, The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan and RZB Austria, as both trader and manager. In 2004, Tom walked away from life in the City and is now an independent forex trader. He is also the editor of the popular newsletter, Currency Wars, where he helps private retail traders navigate the forex markets.

zdenek zankaZdenek has been focused on financial markets since 2006. He started with futures contracts and forex. Now he is focused mainly on automated trading because he doesn't have to spend the entire day in front of the computer and has more liberty. He used to work for banks and leading brokerage companies. Now he has been focused on the development of StrategyQuant company which he co-owns. He also provides education in algorithmic trading. Education is his big hobby because he loves to transfer his experience to other traders around the world. Zdenek most commonly speaks in the Czech Republic where he was born and where he lives. Then he trained other traders in Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan where he released a book in Chinese and his courses were also translated into Chinese. Courses based on his methods are currently available in 5 languages and have more than 5000 students. Many of them have achieved success and have reached great results.

jon ravenJon Raven
Private Client Director, ReputationDefender

Jonathan currently serves as private client director of ReputationDefender, the largest and most prominent firm in the field of online reputation management and privacy, advising clients across the world.

Before joining ReputationDefender in 2014, Jonathan spent seven years with luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin. He now regularly consults with high-profile individuals, family brands, public figures and businesses to build positive online reputations and suppress unwelcome and defamatory information online.

A keen sportsman, Jonathan plays rugby at a national level, and participates in many sporting events raising money to aid research into rare Sarcomas.

rishi patelWith a background in Computer Science but not gaining any real personal satisfaction, Rishi Patel began searching for a solution to break the time and money link. In 2006, he started a Video Production company - Little did he know at the time it would occupy more hours in the day than the 9-5.

A short while later – destiny brought him in contact with Thiru Nagappan who had a similar set of goals to himself –Financial Markets Trading & Investing. After learning to trade, he consulted on a private trading floor & mentored others from all over the world. In total – Rishi and Thiru have mentored over 20,000 people. Rishi has run 50+ live trading workshops, racking up hundreds of hours of presenting time before leaving that consulting position in 2010 to co-found Master the Markets.

After setting up Master the Markets Rishi continues to develop trading systems using his knowledge to continue improving the offering to clients of Master the Markets. His most recent trading research looks at Market compressions and expansions.

alex spiroglouΑlex Spiroglou is a quasi-systematic, cross asset proprietary trader. His research and trading focus on developing a multidisciplinary approach that includes intermarket (cross asset), CoT, sentiment and pattern strategies. Since 1998 he has created an extensive database of cross asset relationships and proprietary Cross Market Indicators (CMIs).

Trader T&D: Alex is the Founder and Managing Director of "Trader Training & Development Ltd" (www.TraderTD.com) a firm focused on training Institutional Traders on Technical Trading, and private investors wishing to proceed to professional trading, via the firm’s flagship product the “Proprietary Trader Career Development Program”

Prior to launching "Trader T&D" he was an investment manager for Odin Capital Management (an FSA regulated global macro fund). Before that a proprietary trader for Futex Proprietary Trading & Investment. and previously was researching and developing cross asset (intermarket) trading strategies for the Ulysses Global Macro Hedge Fund (listed on the ISE).

MTA: Alex is the founding Chairman of the London Chapter of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) in 2010, one of the founding Co-Chairs of the Hellenic Chapter in 2014, and a member of the Advisory Board of the MTA Educational Foundation (MTAEF). The MTAEF aims at introducing Technical Analysis to Academic Institutions & universities globally.

Education: Alex holds a "Bsc in Banking and International Finance" from Cass Business School in London (1996). He holds the “Certified Financial Technician – CFTe” designation by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), the “Diploma of Technical Analysis – DipTA (ATAA)” administered by the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA), the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) administered by the UK Society of Investment Professionals, “Market Maker / Trader” license administered by the Athens derivatives Exchange, the “Investment Consultant” license administered by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission.

Lastly, Alex is happily married, studying to obtain the CMT designation, and struggling to find time to go to the gym and learn photography...

ed mattsAfter reading economics at The University of Oxford, and a successful career as a Citibank trader, Ed Matts was a pioneer in technical analysis providing highly actionable advice to traders at major financial institutions for over 20 years. He consistently makes the right call on FX, indices, gold and oil, as his 30,000 loyal followers on Twitter and Stocktwits know. Ed is, in many ways, a practical market historian. His speciality is fractals, determining the future from previous price/action, and finding what 'FITS' (Fundamentals, Intermarket Relationships, Technicals and Sentiment) the best with current market. These produce a well rounded, accessible and highly effective new approach to macro trading, and generate clear short and long-term signals. With a consistent monthly average return of 22% since the June launch, Ed will explain how he and his new venture, www.matrixtrade.com, discover some of the best trades and will give you some firm signals to take away.

naeem aslamNaeem Aslam is Chief Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets. He won the National Award in 2010 for “Young Irish Broker”.  

He frequently partakes across all major TV media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, Fox Business, Fance24, Sky News, Al Jazeera and many other Tier one media across the globe. He is a contributor on Forbes and CNBC digital print sites and writes about vital volatility events.  

His wealth of trading the financial markets experience spans over 10 years and he has specialised in the technical and fundamental analysis. Naeem has worked with Bank of America in equity trading and Bank of New York as a hedge fund trader.

His research encompasses the daily movements in financial markets and the focus is on key economic events. Naeem often participates in panel discussions on notable emerging economic trends.

He has worked with top UK universities in providing education to financial trading society students and regularly holds lectures with the London School of Economics.

ben richterBen Richter is Head of Institutional Sales at Leverate. He has 10 years of B2B and B2C experience in the Forex industry.
Seeing the 2 sides of the coin, Ben has a unique  insight of the Forex industry.

george hallmeyGeorge Hallmey has traded professionally for over twelve years, now specialising in Forex, Commodities and stock indexes. Taking his first trades in the late 70's George has an extensive knowledge of the markets. His background has been as an educator and he now coaches new and seasoned traders in the methods he uses through his Traders Class group. http://www.Clickevents.co.uk /http://www.tradersclass.net.

zaheer anwari 150Zaheer is a full time trader. Using technical analysis, he has mastered how to repeatedly take advantage of long term trends in minutes a day using the daily and weekly time frame. His journey from novice to full time trader is attributed to the time spent and knowledge gained from my mentors.  Zaheer says, “with all the knowledge I have gained over the years of being a trader, I cannot stress the importance of having certain key elements in place to achieve success. I see these elements as links in a chain. If one is weak, the chain will simply break”. 

He initially turned to trading for the sole purpose of generating an income but through his journey, trading has given a lot more. One of the best outcomes is gaining vast amounts of the most important commodity in anyone's life - time. Trading is a perfect avenue for personal gain but he gets immense joy from bringing the benefits of trading and financial empowerment into people's life. This is why he has chosen to mentor traders. 

He writes for The Huffington Post about all things trading-related, covering all aspects from inspirations to what is truly needed to achieve financial freedom.  Zaheer uses this as a platform to connect with those who are serious in mastering the markets and are ready to make the journey from where they are now to a consistently profitable member of our trading community.

kerim derhalliKerim Derhalli is the Founder & CEO of invstr Ltd. invstr’s mission is to democratise access to financial information. Kerim has a passion for financial markets, business design, and using diversity and collaboration to create high performing teams.  

Kerim Derhalli has a thirty year track record of building, growing and managing multi-billion dollar businesses at leading financial institutions all around the world. These roles have spanned the Equity, Commodity, Credit, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Derivative and Emerging Market asset classes. Prior to founding invstr, Kerim was Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank.

Kerim has lived and worked in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Japan and Singapore. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University. He was an Exhibitioner of Magdalen College, Oxford, an English Speaking Union Scholar, a St. Paul’s School Senior Foundation Scholar, and a Trotman Junior Exhibitioner.