The London Investor Show 2015 took place on Friday, 21st October, doors opened at 9.30 am for a day packed with workshops, seminars, live panel sessions, debates, presentations and interviews – all geared towards helping you become a better, more profitable, investor.  

The London Investor Show provides access to independent education, training and information, relevant to traders and investors of all levels.  An exciting forum to meet and speak to exhibitors, attend workshops and seminars, listen to the views of some of the top investment experts in the country, and leave the day feeling better equipped to make profit from your trading and investing.

  • Learn new skills with practical training that you can apply immediately to help boost returns
  • Meet and speak with likeminded investors and traders – share ideas, swap experiences and learn from one another
  • Visit the investment exhibition and discover which companies can help you meet your investment and trading goals
  • Find out how to build,  and maintain,  a consistently successful investment portfolio
  • Discover new investment opportunities in Company Central

For beginners:  A great opportunity to learn as much as possible in one day about how to start investing in the stock market and trading shares.  Talk to the other delegates, find out about the myriad products and services on offer to help you and learn how to put it all into practice.

With technology and market conditions changing on a daily basis, a day at the London Investor Show helps you keep ahead of the pack.

Market participants could meet private investors and traders, talk to them and find out about what matters to them, what products and services they need and guage confidence levels.