Glen Goodman

Full-time Investor
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Glen Goodman is the author of The Crypto Trader, published in 2019 by Harriman House. In his Amazon bestseller, he draws on 20 years of trading experience to show how anyone can trade cryptocurrency successfully. Glen is also a cryptocurrency contributing expert for the London School of Economics. He was formerly a Business Correspondent for BBC News and ITV News, interviewing leading politicians, including Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Theresa May. Glen's Facebook page, Glen Goodman – The Shares Guy, has more than a quarter of a million followers. It focuses on teaching people how to invest sensibly in cryptocurrencies and other investments. He is regularly interviewed about cryptocurrency and other business topics on BBC TV & Radio, Al Jazeera, LBC, The Guardian, The Independent and Forbes. Glen famously turned a £3000 trade into £100,000 by betting there would be a crash in 2008, an experience he wrote about for The Times. He started trading cryptocurrencies while they were still in their infancy and quickly discovered there were enormous profits to be made. With his trading experience he was able to make those profits – and keep them, while most other traders were losing their money during the Bitcoin crash of 2018. In The Crypto Trader, Glen shows how anyone can learn to do what he did.
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