IC Investment Network

ICUK Investment Network logoInvestor Conferences have partnered with Envestors to bring you access to some exciting investment opportunities – all of which have undergone a stringent due diligence process before being allowed to list with Envestors in order to seek new capital.

Each company has a very different story, very different reasons for seeking investment and are run by very different management teams.  What they have in common is a burning desire to succeed. And in order to execute their business plan, they need funding.  Which is where you come in.  Why not take a look now at the selected companies we’ve put on the portal for you –


I’m sure you are already well aware of the inherent risks involved with early-stage funding although I would be remiss by not reminding you to please, please consider the deals carefully, take any external advice you need and to be 100% sure before giving your commitment to these opportunities. Please read the risk warning.

Saying that, of course, some of these young businesses will be hugely successful, some will fail entirely and some will perform adequately – which is why most portfolios tend to comprise more than one investment, across more than one asset class.I hope you find the companies that we have chosen to present to you of interest and I would be very happy to put you in touch with any particular business that you’d like to learn more about. Envestors hold regular presentations in London which you will be invited to attend automatically, giving you a chance to meet the founders, listen to them present their ideas for future growth, and, most importantly, how and when they will make good on your investment – either through a viable exit plan, or alternative solutions.  Take a look now http://investorconferences.envestry.com

The ICUK Investment Network will be exhibiting at the next London Forex Show, taking place on Fridy 24th February at the Novotel London West. If you’d like to meet the team in person, we would be delighted to arrange a complimentary ticket for you – simply use voucher code “ICIN” and book your ticket HERE.

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