The UK's Premier Event for Private Investors - Friday, 25th October 2019 - Novotel London West - DOORS OPEN 9:30AM

Complimentary Creche at the London Investor Show

(For children aged from 0 – 12 years of age)

FAQS - Parents: how to register for a creche place

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image 1Enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, and give yourself time to browse the London Investor Show, safe in the knowledge that your children are being looked after and entertained by professional creche operator, Nipperbout.

A complimentary service for delegates to the London Investor Show, you can reserve places for your child/ren here.

Nipperbout are registered with Ofsted at grade “outstanding” – allowing you to bring your child out of school, with no fine*, knowing they will be marked as “absent with authorisation”. The London Investor Show is on Friday 19 th October – why not make it a family day?

HOW TO BOOK: Parents wishing to register their child will need to click REGISTER, enter their name and email address and use the event code ICL191018, then create a password. Once your registration request is submitted, you will receive an initial automatic email, but please await a second email confirming that your child has been allocated the requested place.

Please be aware that children may only play for up to 4 consecutive hours.  Parents must collect their children within 4 hours and take them for some fresh air and food.  Children are welcome to come back and play again after 1 hours break.

When booking sessions please choose the session containing the time you wish to arrive.  Your 4 consecutive hours of play will begin for the time you arrive, not the start of the session. For example if you wish to attend from 11 am until 3 pm, please select the morning session only.  If you would like to your child to play all day, please select both sessions and remember you will be required to collect your child for lunch."


What’s on for children at the London Investor Show Creche?

With a “Mary Poppins” theme throughout the day – including games and songs; a chance to join in and make new friends; with an interactive e-zone for older children.

Here’s a sample of the activities taking place during the day:

Mary Poppins Adventures – at the London Investor Show

 All Ages

  • Let’s go fly a kite
    Build/decorate a kite
  • Pass the Magic bag
    Pass the parcel
  • Tuppence a bank
    Bean bag throwing game
  • Dress up box
    Dress up – 10 mins
  • One man band
    Create a music theme tune
  • Step in time
    In time copy game
  • Carousel Canter
    Assault course
  • Hats off
    Make Mary Poppins Hat
  • The north wind
    Make a weather spinner/play twister
  • Mr Banks parachute Saving
    Parachute games
  • Chim-Chimney
    Share skills / dance off with brooms
  • The ladder of life
    Measure good person trait
  • Every task you take becomes a piece of cake
    Biscuit decorating
  • A spoon full of sugar
    Potion making
  • Posts everyone!
    Captains coming game

Ages 0 - 7

  • Feed the birds
    Bird seeds on a pine cone
  • Delightful Tea party
    Play dough
  • Jolly Holiday
    Farm animal noises
  • Super Story Teller
    Story Teller Workshop
  • Bedroom dash
    Time the tidying up of a room
  • It’s Magic
    Magic Show
  • Admirals boom ship
    Water play Ages 4+
  • It’s a jolly holiday with Mary
    How many items can you pack
  • Up to the highest heights
    Rock launch Science experiment
  • Super Speed
  • Uncle Burt’s tea party
    match them up games
  • Marys magical bag
    Remember the items game
  • Mary Poppins Pin Up
    Blindfold & pin up
  • Marys Tales
    Story telling
  • Keep a straight face
    Laughing game
  • Cockney rhyming slang
  • Tally Ho races
    Horse race
  • Bert’s Chalk Pictures
    Chalk pictures
  • Soft landing
    Egg drop challenge
  • Bird trail
    Clues to find an item/character
    Illusion pictures & word search
  • Juggling chorus
    Circus Skills

Ages 8+

  • The life I lead
    Conversation game
  • Bert’s Screever Silhouettes
    Drawing round people’s shadows

Ages 0 - 11

  • We love to laugh
    Levitation Party game with balloons

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image 4More about Creche Operator, Nipperbout


* Nipperbout is an Ofsted Registered setting so in theory a school can allow authorised absence for children visiting Nipperbout . Please note however, that there is no obligation for them to do this it is at the discretion of each school because there maybe internal reasons why a particular child can or cannot be given time off school. Nipperbout provides a letter of explanation for heads to inform them about the educational value we offer and to offer to complete projects and supervise homework. In practise very few schools say no.