Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh is the youngest of four children, born to immigrant parents who came to the UK in search of a better life in the early 1960s. After graduating with an MSc in Business Economics from Brunel University he began his working career at Lloyds Bank before moving to RBS-Natwest Markets and then onto Deutsche Bank. In 2008 he founded FCA regulated stock broking firm, London Stone Securities, which he runs today and has amassed more than 20 years of direct trading experience with a focus on UK equities, fixed income products and derivatives. In his personal life, Ranjeet is the founder and trustee of a UK based charity to help eradicate hate crimes and is involved in numerous other charitable endeavours to help the disadvantaged. He is also a keen writer and an author of five children’s books. He has travelled to many remote places around the world in search of adventure including camping in the Mongolian Gobi desert, travelling on the Tran-Siberian railway, and trekking through Colombian rainforests. Closer to home he is a keen martial artist and a big fan of Liverpool football club. Just in case things aren’t busy enough for him, Ranjeet has followed in his parents footsteps and is now the proud father of his own four young children.
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