Zia Word

Zia is an experienced entrepreneur with two exits. Involved in blockchain startups since 2013, she was co-founder & CSO of chozun 途赞 - a travel & loyalty ecosystem driven by blockchain and focused on the Chinese market. She exited the company in late 2018. Zia has consulted as Crypto Queens since 2016, and has worked with high-profile clients from Cathay Pacific to BMW and UM in addition she consults HNWI on their crypto investments and portfolios. She speaks across the world at events such as RISE, Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise, Malta Blockchain, Crypto Event Indonesia, Catalyst, Tech Summit London & Intelligent Digital Innovation HK and appeared on Sky News Business as well as numerous podcasts. She won the GBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 in China and was voted one of the Top Ten Most Influential by The Cryptocurrency Magazine. Originally from the UK Zia has spent time working in the US, China, Australia and the UK and now splits her time across continents. Zia specialises in speaking on investments in blockchain and cryptos, application of blockchain to industries across the spectrum, diversity in blockchain, blockchain for enterprise, raising capital, “The Crazy World of Crypto: Why Crypto is the Definition of Punk”, Crypto Fringes & Crypto Trends.
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